Zteambiz has gone through a lot of changes in the last 18 months now, the content has come under attack from regulators and critics that want to just publish false and negative opinions.  The one glaring fact is these so called people in the know have consistently gotten it wrong and most people do not know what to believe.

For this reason we will start once again sending updating emails, and doing a better job of filtering out the ongoing negative people that haunt everyone in the industry.

If you would like to be on our mailing list you can register here and if you at any time wish to be off the list you can also request and be removed as well.

As we know Zeek is never coming back, we will from time to time provide you with updates of companies that we feel will meet, or exceed the income potential that Zeek provided. And at the same time also help you learn about ones, that may be only interested in taking your hard earned money.

We would like to also address the amateur hour on the web; I’m referencing the flood of inaccurate information that seems to flood everyone computer with so called experts wanting to tear down any program you may want to join. If you can keep one thought in mind. These people writing the stories most likely have never experienced the success you have seen and only want to steal your dreams and ambitions. There is a phrase I feel best describes the average person that has subscribed to our list. “If you’re willing to do the things most people won’t, you can have the things most people can’t!”

So if you know someone that wanted to and never did we are opening up the ability to register to Zteambiz.net to provide updates and assistance as we all move forward to better and more profitable ventures.



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